A Story about Kullu Manali trip – Kheerganga trek

To witness this magnificent view. You have to walk 10kms from Bharsaini camp. It will take nearly 8hrs to reach. Believe me you won’t get bored. There are number of small waterfalls that will make you enjoy the nature’s beauty.

As I stated in the title, it’s a story with information and stuff. Here, I just want to enlighten you, the story will oscillate back and forth.

A girl passed us, singing “tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam” and we 3 were there sitting around the corner near a small casacde, gasping and catching our breaths. Our 4th man was staring at us (You will know who is our 4th men) At that moment I was ruminating, why in the hell I have agreed to this trekking idea and those two jerks who comes with me have no idea of what to do. And another girl passed us, shit! we are a crap.

He is our fourth man, my love towards him is never-ending. There will be 4 or 5 dogs for every crew. They will follow you all the way to the top.

So all this plan was started in October. After all the confabulation, we finalized to rome Kullu Manali in November. Since it is a rainy season we were expecting heavy rain and snowfall. Thinking that we are going to throw snowball in each others face and to upload those pictures in social medias. So by having all these visuals in mind, we went to Decathlon to buy all the winter wear and we bought everything the sales person suggested, including woollen socks and gloves. (You may wonder why I specified woollen socks and gloves, wait you will know why).

While we were discussing why we choose this trek, We reached our first rest stop. There was a shop, selling snacks for the trekkers. And those jerks you remember, they bought another bag of snacks. But the first thing what I’ve done is, I removed my gloves and woollen socks because all the way I was suffocated. There was no snow neither cold. So from full sleeve t-shirt, i switched to half sleeve.

While ascending to Pinnacle. Please don’t wonder that the person in this photo carrying a small luggage. Because I’m having all his heavy lifting when I shot this. Near this you can have your rest stop. There was a small shop where you can have Maggie, tea and snacks.

Bought that Half sleeve while we were boarding flight from Chennai to Delhi. So from Delhi, we boarded bus to Kasol “Himalayan Nomad Travels” at R.K.Ashram Metro Station. Travelling time takes around 14hrs including those two refreshment stops. In Kasol, we stayed at Parvati Kuteer. The stay was established near a water stream, was nice and clean. Once we went there, they served us a hot cup of tea. I took the hot water (my bad, hot tea) and sat near the stream, hearing the babbling sound of the crystal clear bluish water and spent the rest of time till lunch. For lunch, they will provide Rice, dhal and subji. If you don’t want lunch. It’s all right, they will provide you another cup of hot water (sorry hot tea).

Our second rest stop, have you noticed him. He also switched to half sleeve.

But yes in the second rest stop, we did had a great tea on our way to kheerganga. And that place was also good, situated near a water falls. We spent nearly 30min there, blabbering about the distance we crossed and how we suffered. Then we started walking towards our final stop and somehow we managed to reach the top. Once we reached, our guide took us to our tents. We placed the luggages and took a bath towel and sprinted towards the hot springs, shouting that I’m the one who is going to dive first but it was filled with crowds already. Hot spring was like a big bath tub, nearly 20 people can relax in that natural hot water. It was 7 in the evening when I came out of the hot spring. After the hot bath, they provided us paratha and tea as a dinner (Don’t think why I haven’t specified hot water here, because the tea was good). Suddenly I heard a scream when I was sleeping, it was one of the jerk’s sleep talking, thinking that someone is choking his throat. After that scream, I cannot sleep and I was thinking that it would be better if I left my luggage at Bharsaini.

Mesmerizing, isn’t it!

Coming to Bharsaini, you can rent anything like shoes, walking sticks, winter wear and rain coats. If you don’t wanna rent, you can buy these things except shoes. From Bharsaini to kheerganga, there are two routes. One through the village and the other through forest. As an adventurers (Lol), We took the forest route because our guide said it was tougher than the village route and went to the top. We came back to Bharsaini through the village route, it was nice with travelling through all those small villages for every 2-3 km. So please experience both the routes. Comparing to the forest route, village route was quite easier.

My buddy having lunch at “Cafe Him”.

Once we came down to Bharsaini, we went to Tosh. In Tosh, we stayed at “cafe Him”. You can get quite a view over Tosh . We came there by 3.30 and had lunch, which is typical with roti, subji, rice and dhal. That day was one of my friends birthday, our guide himself prepared a cake for us, we celebrated there. And in the evening, we went for a dinner. While going there itself, we asked our guide for a nice restaurant to dine in. He said one restaurant named “Pink floyed”. It was located at the top of Tosh. Going to this restaurant is another small trek. We went there, the place was filled with pink lights, befitting restaurants name. That place was warm, we went in and each one of us had some hot drink, i preferred hot chocolate for the chill whether and sat near a window. We chatted for an hour about our trekking experience, then sat for dinner. We ordered everything we could eat, because it was the birthday treat of my friend. There we had chicken lasagne, naan, paneer butter masala, noodles, pulka and all. Once we had that feast, we bought a litre of coke and prepared for a long walk to our stay. Because the time was quarter past 10. So there won’t be any cab, auto or buses to pick you up. It was dark and cold, we were sipping a litre of coke all the way to our stay, a night to remember.

End of the story, we came to home town after that night.

Final Words:

  • It was a beautiful 6 days trip from Chennai to Kullu.
  • There won’t be enough ATM’s and also there won’t be any sort of digital transaction. So carry some liquid cash with you.
  • Taste street foods in Kasol market.
  • Please don’t panic about the trekking, it was a nice experience. Only thing what we have done wrong is, it’s the climate. I suggest you to visit in January or February to witness the snow.
  • Trekking difficulty : Easy
  • Enjoy both village as well as forest routes.
  • Carry chocolates and candies while trekking.
  • Try “Pink floyed” restaurant.

If you guys needs to know anything in particular, please leave that in comments. I will clarify.

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